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Why Is My Dog Dragging Its Bottom?

Claw Diseases in Dogs & Cats by Didier-Noel Carlotti DVM DACVD
Clipping A Dog’s Claws (Toenails) by Washington State University, photographs by Henry Moore.
Feet Trimming and Nail Grinding. By Groomers UK. YouTube.
Grind: An Easier Way To Trim Dogs Nails. VetStreet. By Gin Spadafori. July 2011.

AAHA Dental Care Guidelines For Dogs and Cats.
Are Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy? How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth. WebMD. Reviewed by Amy Flowers, DVM. 3/2014.
Dental and Oral Health Care for Dogs. Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery Specialists.
The Dental Care Series  
The Perils of Gum Disease in Dogs. WebMD. By Wendy C. Fries.
Veterinarian Confession: ”I Don’t Brush My Dog’s Teeth.” VetStreet. By Andy Roark, DVM, MS. 1/2013.

Caring for Senior Dogs: Senior Canine Arthritis 101. 
Dementia (Geriatric) in Dogs. PetMD.
Handling the Problems of Old Age in Your Dog.  For Dummies. 
Lack of Bowel Control In Dogs. PetMD. 
Senior Pet Care. AVMA
Senior Pet Care. Southeast Valley Vet. Hosp. 
Taking Care of an Older Dog — Signs Of Aging by Dog Owners Guide
Urinary Incontinence In Dogs. Web MD.

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GROOMING.Bathing and Grooming a Tibetan Terriers. Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada. By Penny White.
Grooming the Tibetan Terrier. By Stacy La Forge. 2002-2009.
Grooming Your Tibetan Terrier. Siddhartha.

Summer Heat Stroke. 
Hot Weather Tips for Your Pet. 
Hot Weather Tips for Your Pet. WebMD. 

Winter8 Tips for Caring For Your Pet This Winter. 
Cold Weather Safety Tips. ASPCA.  
Cold Weather Pet Safety. AVMA. 
How to Help Pets with Arthritis Stay Comfortable In the Winter Months.

TICKS. (See Infectious Diseases: Vector-Borne Diseases.)

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